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Flowers, wonderful messengers …

Fascinated by their emotional pull, Ambiana wishes to make them indispensable.
Here, we flower weddings, events, everyday life, and for each of these moments, we are convinced that flowers hold a special place.
Here we speak to flower lovers, those who love them in motion or atypical, and those who revel in them until the last petal.
Here, we praise the natural, the spontaneous, the true, and it is in this momentum that we will design with you for the perfect floral decor.  The flowers are not inhibited but evolve freely in the bouquet they join.
Here, we are garden but chic, retro and romantic, multicolored or pastel … we draw our inspiration from the heart of your desires, and follow wherever creativity leads us.
Here, we select flowers and greenery with the utmost care, we arrange them with passion and strive to highlight their beauty.